IN THE LOUNGE [listen] Songs to be be listened to from the cramped corner booth of some back alley bar, late at night when the air is heavy with smoke and shadows and jazz. Sip your whisky, light a cigarette, and enjoy the music.  (a mix inspired by 1940s period pieces like Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day and Bomb Girls

[1] your heart is as black as night melody gardot [2] after midnight danny elfman [3] worrisome heart melody gardot [4] come rain or come shine ray charles [5] he needs me nina simone [6] (damn) these hungry times cousteau [7] je chante pour passer le temps giovanni mirabassi [8] it ain’t necessarily so aretha franklin [9] brother can you spare a dime paul englishby [10] if i didn’t care amy adams & lee pace [11] you’ve got me wrapped around your little finger beth rowley [12] blue moon billie holiday [13] i’ve got a crush on you ella fitzgerald [14] oh my my jill barber [15] feeling good nina simone 



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


Anyone up??



Do you smoke that ganja by any chance? :D

How about no but I smoke milk